Tenant Maintenance Request

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a direct maintenance request line to improve the efficiency & speed in which all maintenance requests are handled.

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Tenant Maintenance Request HOT Line: (951) 777-0820

maintenance call requestTenants can call our 24 hour maintenance hotline at the following number (951) 777-0820. 

Your maintenance request will be answered by a live operator who will be happy to help you.  A Work Order will be created. Non-emergency requests will be placed into queue and begin being processed the next business day. Emergencies will handled as quickly as possible.

Please speak slowly and clearly.

  • You may also submit your requests via fax (951) 231-9816, or email repairs@fcpm1.com, or directly through our website. You must include your name, property address, phone number, and nature of your request with any method that you use to report it.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept maintenance requests over the phone through our main office number. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to placing your rental worries to rest!

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

After Office Hours (Including Holidays) : Phones are monitored after hours and on the weekends, so all maintenance requests should still be handled according to the above.

Please refer to your signed copy of the MAINTENANCE REQUEST PROCEDURES provided upon move-in for examples of emergency situations and reimbursement criteria.

Tenants will be held responsible for any repairs that are due to negligence and/or abuse.

Some examples are:

Garbage disposal:

  1. Attempting to dispose of unacceptable items (ex: chicken skin, celery, egg shells, onion skins, artichokes, bones, potato peels, and much more).
  2. Placing too much matter in the disposal at one time.
  3. Running the disposal for too long or without enough water running.


  1. Leaving excess food residue on the dishes when placing them in the dishwasher.
  2. Running it less than once per month, causing the seals to dry out or other damage.


1. Using improper oven cleaner on self-cleaning oven.
2. Grease accumulation on or around burners.
3. Food spills and overflows.

Central heat / air:

  1. Failure to change or clean, depending on filter type, the filter a minimum of every quarter or as needed more frequently.


1. Leaving the damper closed when starting a fire.
2. Using lighter fluid on wood.
3. Building too large a fire for the size of the fireplace.
4. Leaving the screen / glass doors open while a fire or embers are burning.


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  1. Foreign objects placed into the toilet, tub, or sink drains.
  2. Using excessive amounts of toilet tissue at one time.
  3. Flushing inappropriate matter (ex: cigarette butts, paper towels, diapers, wipes, feminine products, latex products, etc.). Absolutely no products other than toilet paper should be placed in the toilet, regardless if they are labeled "Flushable."
  4. Grease and / or hair buildup in the pipes.
  5. Not using the fan or opening the window while showering, causing mildew. The exhaust fan should be ran for at least 20 minutes after showering in order to be effective. Windows should be left open for the same period of time as well.
  6. Water splashing out of tub / shower onto floors and/or walls.


  1. Over-stuffing, which can cause sliding doors to slip off track and break.
  2. Excessive weight hanging on the clothes rods, causing rods to fall / break.

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