• Thank you, you rock :) :) :)
    - Robert Sands

  • Many thanks for your support in everything.
    - Debra Chen

  • Thank You Very Much for a job well done!
    - Ricky Kadomoto

  • Nice job Candace!!
    - Michael Mueller (in response to getting the buyers to pay 10K above asking price for his property)

  • Great news on closing.thank you again for the great job on this sale
    - Sharon Cordova

  • Thank You for all the help during this transaction you have been a great help to my sister and I Selling Moms house was not an easy thing for us and you and your team made it as smooth as possible Again thank you and your team.
    - Rick Carlson

  • Thanks for all your hard work, you guys always do an excellent job.
    - Michael Jillson

  • You folk's effort to keep the maintenance expenses low is very much appreciated.
    Best Regards,
    Fred Shieh

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Remote Showing Technology

  • Remote control door lock lets your home be shown to future tenants at the click of a button
  • Rent your home out faster
  • Alarm prevents theft and vandalism while your property is vacant

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Remote Showing Technology